The Company

        Help is on the way!

        Help is on the way!

computers dot mom was founded in 1998 to fill a growing need among educated, intelligent people who suddenly required new skills and didn’t have access to tech support.

Back then, people told us computer classes were too slow ("we spent a whole class learning how to click with the mouse!"), took too long ("I missed week 5 and I was lost"), or were not designed to solve their problems ("I just want to get my holiday cards done!").

We began with intensive, single-session classes that covered everything from how to turn on a computer to managing digital images. The response was tremendous, and our reputation was founded on a winning combination of clear instruction and solid technical expertise.


(And we served coffee.)

Private consulting began by request, and demand grew rapidly. By 2004, we found that we couldn't address the increasingly varied needs of our clients in the classroom, so we brought the classroom to our clients instead.

Today, we support hundreds of clients with Macs, PCs, smart phones, tablets, at every level of expertise, both in person and remotely.  We have also offered small group workshops on subjects from Keeping Your Kid Safe Online to Travel Technology.

Our Team

Alison Holtzschue

computers dot mom was founded by Alison Holtzschue, a mom who’s been working (and playing) with computers since punch cards days and is still learning new things daily.

Alison has made pretty much every mistake you can make with technology, from erasing a chapter of her Princeton thesis (1982) to spilling strawberry yogurt on a keyboard (1986) to accidentally deleting 20,000 crucial files (2011), so she REALLY understands clients' anxiety. As a recovering English major, her passion is translating tech jargon into language clients can understand, empowering them to manage their own tech lives--and to have fun doing it.

Alison is assisted by a team of consultants with skills ranging from network support to Photoshop.

Sacha Spitzer

Sacha Spitzer

Sacha Spitzer grew up with a father who writes operating systems and a mother who still has trouble understanding how to "click on things," giving him the ideal background for a computers dot mom consultant. Although he loves to work with Apple products, he has a Windows laptop, an Android phone, and an iPad, so he's expert with questions like, "Why aren't my photos syncing?" or "Where did my contacts go?!?!" A trained conservatory actor and podcast producer, he's happy to sit with you and go over the ins-and-outs of everything from Bitcoin to wireless printing. And despite many clients claiming they "must be the worst person you've seen doing this...", he is positive his mother is worse.

Roger Miller grew up in the Midwest, raised by a software engineer father in a household where technology was always around. He remembers excitedly waiting thirty minutes to download a thirty second video on his family's first internet-connected computer. With a degree in Performing Arts, Roger didn’t realize how much technology was second nature to him until a technophobic former boss nicknamed him "Gadget Guru." Roger works as a freelance illustrator using a desktop computer he built himself and enjoys helping other people with their tech woes!

Roger Miller

Roger Miller