+ What's different about computers dot mom?

There are plenty of computer geeks for hire, but we are different because:

  1. We understand our clients’ needs because we share them. We want technology to make our lives easier, not more complicated, and with a minimum investment of time, energy and money. Holiday labels? Balky WiFi? Smartphones and tablets? Yup, we can do that. But if the best solution to your problem is a piece of paper and a pencil, we'll tell you so.

  2. We communicate clearly. Our founder is a recovering English major who is passionate about demystifying technology.

  3. We do NOT sell hardware or software, so we have no incentive to talk you into buying stuff you don't need.

+ Do you only work with moms?

Of course not! Our clients are women and men from 10 to 90+ with every imaginable level of experience. ("computers dot dad" just wasn't funny). The only requirement is interest.

+ I'm too anxious/clueless/old to learn!

We wish we had a nickel for every client who's ever said, "I'm going to be your WORST student ever!" (You won’t.).

Our clients range from absolute beginners of all ages ("I don't even know how to SPELL 'computer'!") to people who've been using PC's for years but need to learn a new skill, or just feel that they're not as efficient as they could be. Our goal is to make sure you learn how and why things work, not just which button to push, so you're better able to solve your own problems. And it never hurts to have a little fun. (Breathe! It helps.)

+ How much do you charge?

Our rates have been the same since 1998. Onsite consulting ranges from $90 to $125 per hour, depending on the consultant, with a one-hour minimum. We do not charge travel time in Manhattan.

+ What if I have questions afterward?

Follow-up questions that take under 10 minutes are free; phone and web support rates of $75-100/hour apply for longer sessions.

+ What if I have to cancel?

For private consulting: no problem, no charge, as long as you reach us before we leave for the appointment (one hour in advance).

+ Do you still offer classes?

We started with (and loved!) our very small classes in 1998 and, as our clients' needs changed, transitioned to private consulting in 2004. For many clients, it's most efficient to bring the classroom to you: we work at your site with your own equipment and data, and provide off site support as needed. You are more than welcome to book us for a small group.

+ What can you help with?

Most things you need to do with or to a personal computer, printer, scanner, smartphone, iPad, digital camera, etc. We don't know everything, but we will always tell you in advance if we don't have the expertise you need, and wherever possible to recommend consultants we trust for anything we are not able to do.

+ Do you work with Macs?

Yes. And we’ve worked with every version of Windows since it was born.

+ What if you can't solve my problem?

We will try to help in every way we can, but if we can't help we will always try to provide you with the information and resources you need to solve it another way. And we stand behind our work, unconditionally.

+ I have more questions. How do I contact you?

Call us at (212) 861-5465 during business hours; leave a voicemail anytime; or drop us an email. We try to respond within 3 hours or less during business hours. (Sometimes we even respond to email on weekends, but don't spread it around).