Heads Up!

Two quick pieces of news you should know about: 

The Marriott Breach


. . . is all over the news today, but if your reaction was "Nope, I haven't stayed at a Marriott," you might not realize that you are affected if you had a reservation at a Starwood property (Westins, Sheratons, etc.).  (Starwood merged with Marriott, but Marriott had a separate reservation system until recently).

What To Do?
First of all, don't panic; apparently the breach goes back to 2014, so it's not exactly a new problem.  Marriott has hired Kroll Associates to handle the fallout, and is offering free monitoring; details here

Those Scary Pop-Up Scams

Alarmed clients regularly check with us about pop-up windows claiming that "something dire is wrong with your computer, call this number immediately."  So it's great that a bunch of scammers were arrested in India this week; but take a moment to read the NY Times article for a sense of how WILDLY profitable these schemes are, and why they're not going away anytime soon.

If you do get such a warning, feel free to take a screenshot (directions are here for Mac and for Windows) and send it to us at office@cdotmom.com; we're happy to give you a quick read on its veracity.  We don't EVER want ANY of you to get scammed!!