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Scam/Not Scam

One solution for tracking rewards points

Perhaps you’re already keeping a good watch on your credit cards and bank accounts—but a wise friend alerted us to an easily-overlooked theft: rewards points. Here’s an article on the subject, but if you have points scattered across multiple programs and/or family members, consider a tracking site like Awardwallet to help alert you to sudden changes in your points balance.

We’ve said many times that Apple and the IRS and “Windows Technical Department” don’t call you at home—but here’s a rare exception: Apple DID call to confirm the order of a very expensive new Mac—with a stolen credit card number. Same advice as always: unless you’re 100% sure the call is real, hang up and contact the company directly. Here are links for some of the most requested: Apple, Amazon (or call: 1 (888) 280-4331), Microsoft, HP.

Last Chance for the $29 Apple Battery Swap

If you didn’t spring for a new iPhone, Apple’s $29 battery swap program ends with 2018, and you do want to beat the other procrastinators to the lines if you can! Be sure to make a reservation, unless hanging around the Apple store all day is your idea of fun.

Just for Fun: Sweet Revenge (with Glitter)

If you’ve wasted time this holiday season (or ever) tracking a missing package, you’ll enjoy this brilliant, twisted, elaborate solution to package theft as much as we did.