Keeping up with the Jobses

Questions Answered, 24/7

People tend to get stuck on the same things, so there are some questions we hear a LOT, and we're always looking for better, faster ways to answer.

One solution that's available 24/7 is our YouTube channel, now featuring separate playlists for Mac,Windows and iPhone tips.

I'm excited about the newest ones: How to See Passwords Saved in Google Chrome and How to Back Up your iPhone, but there a bunch of others too. If you subscribe (free!), it's easier to see what's new. 

And One For You:

Now that we're getting the hang of the whole YouTube thing, what should we make next? 

Which of these would be most helpful to you? Please click one:

  1. How to take a screenshot (mac, PC or iphone)

  2. How to save and edit passwords in Chrome or iCloud

  3. Saving images from the web

  4. Cut, copy and paste

  5. How to spot suspicious emails

  6. How to tell if your gmail account has been hacked

Have a better idea? Send us an email if there's a video you wish we'd make.

More Hacks, ho hum

Both Facebook and Google have had hacks recently.  You can check here if your Facebook account was hacked (requires login). 

On the Google side, it's a bit different; Google found a security hole in Google+, their unpopular attempt to compete with Facebook, did NOT report it, and is just shutting down Google+ completely. (Best headline: Google Plus Hacked, Exposing Data Of All 19 Users).  More here.

The thing about these hacks is that if your data was exposed, there's not a whole lot you can do about it; you can't take it back. What can you do? Not use the internet at all (very tough) or keep a close eye on your accounts (fairly easy, but requires consistent vigilance).

All-Apple? You can skip this part

It may surprise you to learn that iPhones are outsold, both in the US and worldwide, by Android devices.  If you’re in the Android majority, there are a gazillion phones available but the two best options are Google’s new Pixel 3 line, available tomorrow, or the Samsung Galaxy S9, released in August, depending on your priorities.

While both are comparable in features and power to the latest iPhones, there’s not much point in that comparison. 90% of people stick with one ecosystem---iOS or Android--which makes sense; it’s hard enough keeping up with the updates in ONE system, let alone learning a completely different one (not to mention moving all the photos, contacts, ringtones, etc. from one to the other).

This review of the Pixel 3 might help you choose!