The Equifax Breach

Equifax breach

The vital personal information of 143 million consumers was stolen several months ago from Equifax, one of the three major credit reporting agencies.  Are you affected? Almost certainly.  While their response has been highly controversial and the website they set up for consumers is somewhat confusing, there is clear information on the FTC website here.  

Important Note: Over the weekend, Equifax was called out in the media because signing up for the free credit monitoring on their website potentially gave up your right to join a class action suit against them. The company has since issued a statement clarifying that they will not enforce that clause in this case.

Heads up for major Apple Updates


In conjunction with their major new product announcements tomorrow, September 12th, Apple will shortly release major updates for the iPhone and iPad (iOS 11) and Macs (macOS High Sierra).   BEFORE YOU INSTALL, because there are some significant changes in these releases:

  • consider waiting a week or two for any bugs to be found and squashed; 
  • leave plenty of time to learn your way around the changes, especially on the iPhone, so you're not stymied by the device when you have something urgent to do.
  • back up before you install.

We'll report details of the Apple event and reviews of the new iPhone etc. later.