Rampant Idiocy :(

"Net neutrality is the secret sauce
that has made the internet awesome"
- Prof. Barbara Van Schweik, Stanford Law

The FCC just voted to repeal net neutrality. Because we all know that our internet providers put consumers' interests above profits.  Here’s what this means, and how the lack of rules has played out elsewhere.

Can’t get enough of Transparent?

Cable Alternatives.jpeg

On a more cheerful note, the announcement last week that Apple TV supports Amazon Video, it’s FINALLY possible to get iTunes, Netflix and Amazon content on a single device. Roku still has a few advantages: price, clearer navigation, headphone jack on the remote, an exclusive Spectrum TV app (save money by eliminating the cable box), and a model that works with older TVs —but for Apple-centric households, the news is a holiday gift.  

If you're unsure what works best for you, here's a slightly dated but thorough analysis of the options.

Tick, tick, tick

Scrambling for last-minute gift ideas? How about:


Or, the ultraluxury option: available now, the most powerful computer Apple's ever built, starting at $4999 (and rising to the stratosphere).

Happy shopping!