Decisions, decisions

While the Equifax breach still grabs headlines (FTC info here), it’s launch-your-product-in-time-for-holiday-shopping season.  A few key items:

The iPhones Cometh, Again

“Suddenly your iPhone purchase decision is wildly confusing.”

iPhone options now range from the little SE (~$350) to the new iPhone X ($1000+). What are the key differences and how do you choose?

The answer, short version: 

  • Tight budget: the 7 series—maybe refurbished from a reliable source.
  • Mainstream: the 8 series
  • Price is no object: wait for the X reviews.

Longer version:
Starting with the 7, Apple removed the headphone jack entirely (although they include an adapter) and added water resistance so that briefly dropping your phone into a body of water *ahem* is no longer automatically a disaster.

In September, Apple announced the iPhone 8 series AND the iPhone X.  All the new phones have the same faster brain, improved image color, and a glass back that enables wireless charging.  (Like having a gym in your building, it’s not crucial but it’s REALLY convenient). The 8 series, like its predecessors, comes in regular or Plus, so it’s a choice of large screen and long battery life vs. convenient size.  Essentially, the 8 is the conservative upgrade—no dramatic changes. 


The iPhone X removes the familiar Home button completely, filling nearly the entire front of a phone a hair larger than the 8 with a screen bigger and better than the 8 Plus (see diagram). 

TouchID fingerprint security is replaced with new 3D facial recognition, FaceID, via a controversial “notch” at the top of the screen.  Cool! but status symbol pricing: $1,000++.  Check reviews on its new features and battery life shortly after the device is available in early November.


>>>SCAM ALERT: Do NOT fall for the “free iPhone” scams popping up
on Facebook, Instagram, etc. . .<<<


MAJOR Apple Software Updates

Per our previous alert, iOS 11 is a substantial change for Apple devices—much more so for the Ipad than the iPhone.  And there have been enough problem reports that it wouldn’t hurt to wait on this one for a bit. More info here.

High Sierra ( MacOS 10.13), the new operating system version for Macs, had a bug that could expose users’ Keychain passwords. If you have already updated to High Sierra, make sure to install the LATEST update to patch that bug. As always, be sure to back up any device before updating it, just in case.

On the Android side. . 

Google just announced two new made-by-Google Pixel 2 phones that offer a “pure” Android experience without all the extraneous software other manufacturers pile on. Like the iPhone, no headphone jack; great camera; some new ideas, like squeezing the phone gently to summon the assistant.  (Does that seem creepy?)  

Music to your ears

Sonos, maker of wireless home audio systems, dominated the market until the Amazon Echo and its competitors came along. Now they’re swimming with the current: creating systems that work with Alexa and Google Home and so on rather than fighting them. And then Google fired back. . .The universe of home audio and video gets more flexible (and bewildering) than ever. 

A Fantastic (Last Minute) Opportunity!

Playing on Air

We don't normally do promos here, but we're making an exception for our multi-talented and much-beloved Sacha Spitzer. When he's not riding to the rescue for our clients, Sacha works as an associate producer at the non-profit Playing on Air, recording short plays by Pulitzer Prize winning playwrights. Their upcoming benefit on October 16th is a live taping of three world-premiere one-act plays with some well known actors; should be a TERRIFIC evening. Details and tickets here.  Hope you can be there!!