Turkeys and Chickens

The Uber Breach

"It is almost always the cover-up rather than the event that causes trouble." ---Howard Baker


In the news today: Uber paid off hackers to conceal a theft of user data more than a year ago.  Turkeys! 

The company believes they stopped the release of the data. Maybe. What should you do if you have an Uber account? 

  1. Change your password just in case, and also for any other account where you re-used that password (never a good plan!).
  2. Monitor Uber charges and report anything unfamiliar (Uber's directions here, last paragraph).
  3. Consider a call-screening app for your cell phone like AT&T's Call Protect. (Ask your carrier, or check this list)

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday. . .
Save-Your-Money Monday?

Black Friday.jpg

Retailers are gearing up for the holiday shopping blitz. While there are some bargains to be had, beware of impulse purchases; return policies on electronics can be especially tough. Make a list of EXACTLY what you want and check prices online with a comparison shopping tool.

(And of course there's that study that buying stuff is not the secret to happiness.)  Supporting a good cause might help.

Discount on Holiday Card Help!

Special Discount.png

Keeping in touch with friends and family is heartwarming, but sending holiday cards can be a major chore. From now until December 31, book live remote support to get your address list and labels or envelopes ready to go--at a major discount: just $69 for up to an hour! Email or call us (212) 861-5465 for availability.