Firefox Major Update

Firefox, iPhone fix and X

Browsing slooooow?

Firefox Quantum.png

Many people blame an old computer or their internet connection when web browsing feels pokey, but the browser itself matters too: Google's Chrome, Microsoft's Edge, and Apple's Safari all compete with Mozilla Firefox for users. 

Which one is best? Depends on your specific setup. Chrome is the market leader but Mozilla, the rare tech non-profit, has just completely rebuilt Firefox (download here) and it's FAAAST and sleek, plus it has built-in screenshots.  Apple's Safari was also updated in the latest MacOS, High Sierra, and has some cool new features.  Good to have options!

The auto-correct bug is fixed

Install the latest update if your iPhone was creating weird characters when you typed "I"--but backup first, just in case.

iPhone X: What's the Deal?


iphone X.jpg
  • Big screen in a small body
  • Everything else about it is Apple's top of the line
  • FaceID--unlocking your phone with your face instead of your finger--is getting mostly positive reviews so far (twins, beware!)
  • Wireless charging is a pleasure