Things Heat Up

The Yahoo Breach
Even if Yahoo isn’t your primary email account, many people have a forgotten Yahoo mail account they signed up for long ago (for a newsgroup, e.g.).  The breach news today is serious; that account can contain vital info, share contacts and other data with Facebook or Google accounts. If you might ever have had an account, try to log in; then check the information in your profile for anything that might put you at risk.  Watch the news for updates.
Exploding is Bad, but You Probably Won't
Speaking of risk, please:

. . .Apple Taketh Away
It’s all about the stuff they leave out.

Fall brings new iPhone models with minor, evolutionary upgrades and an update for your existing iPhone or iPad.  Apple’s true leadership is in killing off parts we thought were vital, until Apple ditched them and we realized they weren’t.

Good-bye, floppy disks! Farewell, DVD’s! Adios, headphone jack!*

A quick overview if you're due for a new phone:

  • Same two physical sizes, 7 (regular) and 7 Plus (huge); capacities now start at 32GB, not the useless 16GB
  • Two new colors, both black (no kidding: regular black and the wildly popular “Jet Black,” sold out for months, despite reportedly showing scratches and fingerprints like crazy)
  • Better sound, better cameras, much brighter screen, all with equivalent battery life
  • Water- and dust-resistant (cool!)
  • *NO HEADPHONE JACK: comes with headphones that use the lightning port (see photo left: where the charging cable goes) AND a special adapter so you still can use your old favorite headphones.  You just can’t charge the phone and use your headphones at the same time, unless you buy a separate adapter thingy.  
  • (Or, in a few more weeks, you can buy a fancy new type of wireless headphones from Apple (AirPods) or Beats music).

For the rest of us, current iPhones or iPads just got better because installing iOS 10 brings subtle but intriguing improvements to compatible* devices and unlike some past major updates, has been largely trouble-free. But be sure to back up your device before you update, just in case.

Alison Holtzschue
and the computers dot mom team

*iOS 10 is designed for the iPhone 5 or later, iPad 2 or later, iPad mini 2 or later, iPad Pro range and the 6th generation iPod touch or later. If you don't see an automatic upgrade prompt, look in Settings > General > Software Update.