Don't Wait, Update!

Hackers are like having bats in your house.

The chances that you will get bitten by one that's carrying rabies may be really, really small, but the consequences if you DO get bitten are not fun. 

So it's just smart to do the easy things to keep the hackers (and bats) out. Right now, today, if you have an iPhone or iPad, please check for a software update to iOS 9.3.5 (under Settings > General ), because it fixes a major hole in Apple's security that has recently been reported. Once we all know about it, the bad guys do too, so it becomes more urgent.

Also, if you use Dropbox, you may be required to change your password next time you use it. Don't complain; remember, this costs them money: they wouldn't make you do it without a good reason

Enjoy the last few days of Summer!