Two Deadlines

Two dates are coming up that you might want to know about.

The Lure of the (Possible) Deal Tomorrow, July 12th, is Amazon Prime Day, when the company offers special savings to their Prime program members only. (Not a prime member? You can sign up for a free trial; just be sure to cancel before the trial is over). 

Whether YOU snag a great deal depends on being a little bit prepared; here and here are a couple of articles with advice for taking best advantage of the deals. Give some thought to what you actually NEED before shopping, of course; impulse purchases are far too easy online!

Windows 10 Upgrade Deadline
Here's a perfect summary of the Windows 10 upgrade situation. Google “should I upgrade to Windows 10?” and these headlines appear:

“5 Reasons Not to Upgrade to Windows 10”

“Why the Hell Wouldn’t You Upgrade to Windows 10?"

It’s always tough on consumers when the experts disagree! For a year, we’ve said that installing the free upgrade to Windows 10 on an existing computer involves some risk.  (The risk is small percentage-wise, but large in aggravation if you’re unlucky). 

But July 29th is the last day that owners of Windows 7 and 8.1 computers can upgrade to Windows 10 for free; after that it will cost you $119.  Microsoft has been pushing the upgrade HARD, and many clients report that their PCs appear to have upgraded without their conscious permission--in most cases, with only minor issues.

Online comment from a consumer:  “People want what they are use [sic] to.”

If you haven’t upgraded yet, please read the 5 Reasons article; even when everything goes smoothly, you may find, for example, that your perfectly good printer is no longer usable because it’s not Win10 compatible.  It is possible to stall and save the free upgrade for later, if you’re careful.

Also, if you have already upgraded (intentionally or otherwise) to Windows 10, and everything is working, GREAT!  Now be aware that the first major upDATE (not upGRADE)* will arrive August 2nd, the one year anniversary of Windows 10, bringing some new features to Windows 10 that may or may not be useful to you.  Details here

Unlike previous versions, you have limited ability to avoid updates in Windows 10; so allow some time for the update to install when it shows up.

*UpGRADES are typically full new versions of a piece of software with new features. Typically you pay for these, or the manufacturer may offer them free as a benefit.  
UpDATES fix bugs and add minor extensions to an existing piece of software.