Quick[Time] News

Security Alert for QuickTime on Windows
Windows users ONLY, please uninstall Apple's QuickTime from your computers if you have it (if you've ever used iTunes, you probably do). Here's how and more on why.  
The Diabolical Remote Problem 
We all know that Kafka is alive and well and designing TV remote controls. Samsung has just announced a TV line with a universal remote control that talks to all your different boxes and lets you control them seamlessly from a single device, regardless of source (cable box, Apple TV, DVD, etc). While it may not be worth replacing a perfectly good TV set, this is LONG overdue.

Said one reviewer, "If you know someone who tends to get frustrated with their TV because they can’t figure out how to control it, Samsung’s new system will change that in a hurry."

Seriously, do you know anyone who DOESN'T?!  
Geeky Summer Fun
Expecting visitors, need fresh entertainment ideas? Rumor has it that Eatsa, the San Francisco-based chain of high-tech, healthy, hilarious customized salad eateries, will be opening in NY. Like the old Automat as reimagined by Apple. Video here. Stay tuned!

And if you are headed to the Lower East Side, poke your head into iMakrto watch the 3D printers in action, maybe take home the Venus de Milo. . . .