As Promised: eero WiFi Report
Setting up and using the much-hyped new eero Wi-Fi system was remarkably smooth and easy, as described here; and the look is more Calatrava-sleek than Darth Vader-techie, unlike most routers.  The only real downside is the cost.
Need a new cell phone?
The current Android star is the Samsung Galaxy S7: fast, water-resistant, expandable storage, gorgeous screen and a great camera.  Price varies, but not cheap.

For iPhone fans not in love with a big screen, Apple just squeezed most of the features of the iPhone 6S into a 4" (5S-sized) body to create the iPhone 5SE: a fast, powerful phone with a great camera that is comfortable for people with small hands (no Trump jokes).  All for $399 (16 GB)/$499 (64 GB).   Here's the comparison page.
Note: we often see cases where incorrect phone set-up causes email, calendar or contact data to go haywire. If you DO upgrade, be sure you understand WHAT is syncing and HOW, don’t just blindly turn everything on.
In addition, Apple updated the regular-sized iPad (now also called Pro, $599 and up, ouch), and dropped the price of the Apple Watch a bit. Yawn. But they also created a cool recycling robot named Liam.
Rest Easy
Unlike all that expensive hardware, here's the stuff that's new, helpful and FREE: two features in the latest iOS update that we hope will catch on beyond Apple. 

1. Night Shift
Scientists warn that the light from screens is disrupting our sleep cycles. Night Shift allows you to schedule an automatic shift to more sleep-friendly wavelengths (under Settings in iOS, after you update). Note: some older devices may not be compatible.

2. Password-protected Notes
Many people use Notes on their phones to keep lists of important data (passwords, account numbers); that was risky, but now you can password-protect individual notes. Just (rather illogically) click the Share button to find Lock Note (see illustration at left). 
As a reminder 
We like many things about Windows 10, but to be safe, we don't usually recommend upgrading to Windows 10 on an existing computer. It will PROBABLY work fine, but if it doesn't, you could be left with a major headache.