Treating BLA and Other Thoughts

Treating BLA 
Attention cell phone users: if you are suffer from that 21st century scourge, Battery Life Anxiety, don’t miss these recent NY Times tips on maximizing your battery life.  Android users should consider nixing the Facebook app if you can live without 24/7 vacation photos; it’s been cited as a major power drain(a problem Facebook has already addressed for iPhones).

Break Out the Black Bunting 
We’re in mourning: Google recently announced that they are going to stop supportingPicasa, a free, fast, easy and pretty magical program for managing images on your computer, and one of our favorite tools. You can still download it (until March 15th) and use it (for now), but they want us to use Google Photos in the cloud instead. 

While Google Photos is an excellent product, they’re not really equivalent. Apple Photos is a decent Picasa replacement, but for the time being there isn’t a Windows product we like as well. We’ll keep you posted on what turns up.

Bad WiFi Solved At Last?
New York apartments can be tough places for wireless signal: so many networks crowding the airwaves, so many thick walls and pipes to contend with. We were intrigued when an ambitious new WiFi product called Eerolaunched on Kickstarter a year ago; they finally shipped last week, review here .

We're field-testing in the Sahara Desert of WiFi: my parents’ apartment, which is arranged about as poorly for network signal as possible (long distances between rooms where they want signal, no good place to run wires). Stay tuned for a report in our next newsletter!

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