Seventeen Wishes

We’d like to take a moment to thank you for making it a such a pleasure to do this work (most of the time). While we aren’t saving the world, we hope to make at least one part of our clients' lives a little easier and better, and to do so with a sense of humor.
Herewith, then, our wish list for you all for the New Year. (Although if it comes true, we won't have much to do).

The Seventeen Things We Wish for Our Clients in 2016 
  1. No hacking
  2. No spam
  3. No dropped, lost or stolen phones 
  4. No crashed computers or jammed printers
  5. No embarrassing emails sent to the wrong person
  6. No autocorrect fails
  7. New products and features so intuitive that you don’t need any help to to install or use them
  8. Phone ringtones that you can always hear 
  9. No one else’s phone ever rings during a performance 
  10. No one talks loudly on their phone in a restaurant or on any form of transportation
  11. No one texts while driving
  12. No Internet Service Provider appointments
  13. No Your Call Is Very Important To Us voicemail menus
  14. No personal data collected about you online
  15. No urgent calls from the "Windows Technical Department" or the "IRS"
  16. No online ads (especially the pop-up kind, and double especially videos that play automatically)
  17. No more passwords!