Baby Steps

Apple introduced new iPhone and iPads, yawn. Per expectations, the new 6S and 6S Plus phones are faster and a bit fancier, but if you’re on a tight budget, last year’s 6 and 6S are now about $100 cheaper and nearly as good.  Comparison of the phones here, and the iPads here.

For existing iPhones and iPads, iOS 9 came out this week with some new featuresbut best of all, a promise of improved battery life. Definitely consider installing the update (after you back up)—but we continue to recommend against updating to Windows 10, which has some irritating glitches.

For artists, designers, and gallery owners, the new 12” iPad Pro (due out in November) with its "Pencil" and optional keyboard might be a worthy investment; for the rest of us, it’s the Jaguar of tablets: a beautiful, fun, VERY pricey giant slab that won't replace a laptop for getting work done.  

Amazon Prime subscribers have long had access to free streaming videos but now some content is available for download—so you can preload your compatible device with movies or TV shows before traveling.  A nice bonus for no extra $$$.

Cable bills, ugh! You may not be ready to cut the cord completely, but if you have more than one cable box, you may be able to substitute a streaming media device (such as a Roku, Xbox or Apple TV) for the extra box. Why bother? Because instead of paying $15+ per month forever, you pay just once for the device.  There are trade-offs, but the savings can be substantial.
And a reminder/warning:
Scam phone calls are now using recordings that sound like a real person, ask for you by name, and pause in the appropriate places for a response. They’re remarkably effective at scaring intelligent, sensible people into making foolish mistakes. 

Never give or confirm ANY personal information to a cold caller.If they sound legitimate, look up the company's number yourself and call back.