Windows 10

The Last WindowsWindows 10 launched last week and the consensus is that this upgrade (free for current users of Windows 7 or 8*) builds on the best features of its predecessors while minimizing the awkwardness of Windows 8.  It feels faster, friendlier, and easier than 8.  Should you switch?
Yes, but if and ONLY if:
  1. You are buying a new computer that comes with Windows 10, or
  2. You own a Windows 7 or 8 computer that is fully compatible AND you are comfortable upgrading device drivers yourself AND you make a complete backup or system image of your computer before proceeding.  (If that’s unintelligible, then it’s probably safer to stick with what you’ve got rather than risk hours of tech support).

If you do upgrade, be sure to choose “Customize” whenever possible so you can turn off all the invasive tracking options and set your own defaults rather than letting Microsoft make decisions for you (in favor of their products, naturally). 
Remember, there’s no rush; as with any major upgrade, let fools rush in and find the bugs for you. Also, be prepared to spend a little time learning your way around, especially if you’ve never used Windows 8. 
 Norton InvasionThe most recent update of the Norton security software triggered an avalanche of questions from clients because it tries awfully hard to add “safety” features to your browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.).  It’s unclearwhether they help the customer as much as they help the company by giving them access to a bunch of information about how you use your computer.  Take it or leave it.
August arrived faster than ever this year. Make the most of the rest of your summer!

*No, you didn’t miss Windows 9. Microsoft skipped it completely, putting safe distance between this version and 8.