Odds, Ends and Updates

Skip the Crowds
The Upper East Side Apple Store opens next week, finally! While there’s some neighborhood opposition, it’s likely to be less stressful than the tourist-packed midtown stores.  

If you’re shopping, don’t forget that Apple sells many refurbished products (full warranty) at a discount online.

Photo Wars (Good for Us)
Google just rolled out their answer to Apple’s photo sync-and-storage system. It’s free (with some conditions) and works across platforms (Windows, Apple, etc). If you’re all-Apple, it may be more convenient to stick with Apple's Photos app, but Google’s plan is worth a look.  Two good analyses here and here.
New funny little symbol
Windows users may have noticed a new icon in the system tray (lower right hand corner of your screen, near the time), like this:

Go ahead and click it to sign up for a FREE upgrade to the upcoming Windows 10 (July 29th)—a first for Microsoft. (There are some limitations: you must be running a legal copy of Windows 7 or 8. Also, there was no Windows 9, in case you were wondering).  It's probably wise not to install it immediately—let others find the bugs—but it won't be free after the first year, so it pays to be on the list.
Taken for a ride
Were you appalled to read about Uber decimating a world-class robotics program at Carnegie Mellon? Consider Via as an alternative.  Before 9pm in most of Manhattan, shared (sometimes) rides of any length are $5 if you maintain a balance (use our promo code, cdotmom, for a $10 credit).  Not quite door to door, but if you don’t mind walking a block or two it can be a fantastic deal—while it lasts.
No, you don’t get to charge me forever!
A client recently made the unpleasant discovery that it’s possible for a company to continue charging her credit card annually even if the card number changes; apparently the authorization can roll over to the new card.  Be wary of automatic auto-renew on your subscriptions!