Happy Valentine's Day!

No newsletter for a while as the tech news has been too dull. Hope you missed us. 
The Bad Guys Get Creative
A diabolical new twist from the recent Anthem Health data theft: one of the first things the hackers did with the stolen information was to email Anthem subscribers and offer them FAKE credit monitoring and identity theft protection!  It's common for corporations to offer those services to hacked customers, so that was a pretty clever move.   (To protect yourself, ALWAYS verify independently before signing up; one phone call could avert disaster).
Farewell, iPhoto!
Heads up, Mac/iPhone/iPad users: Apple is about to replace Photostream (which I've always found confusing), iPhoto and its big sister, Aperture, with iCloud Photo Library and a new Photos app. The early reviews are good and there's lots to like :
  • The new Photos app is free
  • Video files will sync automatically (they don't in Photostream)
  • Images synced to iCloud will be available on the web and won't expire as they do in Photostream

But there are a couple of catches:

  • Your computer has to meet minimum requirements and run the latest Mac operating system, Yosemite (OS X 10.10). It's free, but be sure to do a backup before installing.
  • Most important, image files saved in iCloud will count against your total storage allowance (5 GB free, more available paid)--they didn't, in Photostream. That could start to add up VERY quickly. (5GB will hold, VERY roughly, 2500-5000 photos or 40 minutes of iPhone 6 video).

If you're an Apple devotee and have a gazillion images, it would be smart to do a little cleanup now so you don't max out your storage space! Here's a terrific articleexplaining how.

Wishing you a warm and dry Valentine's Day!