Important Apple Security Update

As you may have heard, Apple has identified a security flaw in their devices and issued updates for iOS devices (iPhones, iPads, iPods), and Mac computers. If you haven't already,

**PLEASE UPDATE any Apple devices you own NOW.**
  • Instructions for iOS devices here
  • For Macs here
  • Back up first, just in case the update causes a problem
  • Plug your device in to an outlet so it doesn't run out of power during the update.

While this is a serious problem, there's no need to panic; it's a low-probability, high-impact kind of problem, like an earthquake.  You are only vulnerable in very specific circumstances (using a secure website on a public network and a hacker happens to be on the same network at the same time).  But now that the flaw is public knowledge, any smart hacker will be looking for vulnerable devices, so once again: update now.

More detail on this story here