Alert: Phishing Attack

We've seen several instances recently of clients hit by a nasty password-stealing email(a "phishing" attack).  DO NOT click on it; if you have already fallen for this, immediately change your email password and check your settings and mail folders for any unusual activity.  (And  you may be tired of hearing this but your email account password should be unique:  different from every other password in your life).

Mac users, you are NOT safer than PC users for this kind of thing so don't get complacent!

Here's what to look for:
  • Comes from someone you know
  • Subject like "Important Newsletter (Your Friend's Name)" or "Confidential Document"
  • Text like the following examples:

Example 1
I have attached this doc via Google docs.
Kindly Click Here to view and sign in with your email for your secure access

Example 2

 Please view the document i uploaded for you using Google docs. Click here just sign in with your email to view the document its very important.

Stay safe online!