Seeing Is Believing

Odds and ends I've been squirreling away to share with you. Hope some are useful.

The most fun I’ve had with my iPad in quite a while
Shopping for glasses is not as awful as, say, bathing suits, but it can still be a trial.
A hilariously useful new iPad app,, allows you to try frames on virtually.  It takes only a few minutes for the app to create a 3D image of your face; then you just swipe through to try on hundreds of frames--men's, women's, and sunglasses. With a quick swipe you can turn your virtual head to see the side views and adjust the frames up and down on your face—it’s really fun and slightly creepy.  Order directly from the vendor (the same company as 1800contacts), or just bring the iPad to a store and show them your favorites.   All you need is an iPad, the app (free), and a location that has a mirror, decent light and a reasonably fast internet connection. 

Hype Fatigue vs. Fantastic Gadget?
There are a bunch of reasonably cool new phones (Google's Moto X) and tablets (the Nexus 7) and such on the market, but nothing exciting enough to recommend in the shadow of the next iPhone and iPad (widely expected this fall).  I have ordered two intriguing gadgets: Google's ultra-hot Chromecast, a tiny $35 device that lets you watch your laptop or phone content on your TV, which sold out in a phenomenally short time; 
and the still-in-development Tile, little square devices you attach to your stuff so you can find it when it wanders off or gets buried under a pile.  (I'd been wishing “Find my iPhone” would also find my car, keys, grocery cart, umbrella, family. . .maybe Tile is the answer.)  Will report.
Department of Problems Everyone Else Has Too
. . .or, "Help! I smallened everything!"
Sooner or later, everyone accidentally touches something on the computer with unexpected consequences.  Has everything on your web page become unreadably tiny or enormous? Don’t panic, it’s dead simple to recover!

Hold the CTRL key (PC) or Command key (Mac) on your keyboard and tap the Plus + or Minus – key repeatedly until things look good to you. (You don’t need to use Shift).
Odds and Ends
• Thrifty travelers, good news: American Airlines AAdvantage program now works with Awardwallet, our favorite frequent-flyer-tracking site.  A great time-saver.
• Zagat ratings, long a subscription service, are now available free on the web or for your smartphone (Apple or Android).