The New Gmail Inbox

If you don't use Gmail at all, ignore this newsletter; otherwise, here's a quick heads-up about the redesigned Gmail inbox.

Google has divided the Gmail inbox into separate tabs (Primary for the important stuff, Social for Facebook and and suchlike, and Promotions for marketing email), and it automatically sorts your mail for you, like this (note the 1 new email in Promotions):

What You Need to Know
  • You can turn the tabs off completely if you don't like them, but try it for a whilebefore you do; I'm finding the new design helpful in reducing Inbox clutter.
  • There are other tabs available (Updates and Forums), and you can choose which ones to use, but you can't make up your own (yet).
  • It's easy to change which emails go to which tabs--just drag an email to a different tab, and Gmail will classify it correctly the next time.
  • The new Inbox will also show up in the Gmail app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone.
  • If you use Google Apps, the professional version of Gmail, you won't see the changes yet. Google rolls these changes out to free users first and we get to be guinea pigs before business users see them.

Details from Google themselves are here.