Odds, Ends, and Steps

Waiting for Godot---er, Apple
iPhone prices have been dropping, normally a sign that new devices are imminent, but Apple is making no promises as usual. Their recent conference was the techie equivalent of a rock concert---tickets sold out in 72 seconds!--and Apple announcements included:
  • new MacBook Airs with super-long battery life;
  • tiny, powerful, futuristic Mac Pros that resemble Darth Vader;
  • iTunes radio, a streaming service to challenge Pandora and Spotify
  • and a major rewrite of iOS, the software that runs i-devices, including an activation lock that might finally help deter "iCrime".

Step it up
Studies show we all need to move more, and devices that track how much we move and sleep are hot right now. After losing 3 clip-on pedometers in a row(!), I waited for the new Fitbit Flex water-resistant wristband and have been having fun competing with my family on our step goals.  (Writing this is NOT helping).  David Pogue has a good piece about these devices in the Times, but I would add:

  • Being style-free, I'm not much bothered by sporting a rubber bracelet, but it may give pause to some.
  • You can only charge with their proprietary doodad; consider ordering an extra charging dongle if you buy the wristband.
  • For even more dreadful incentive, you can add the Aria scale which adds wireless tracking of your weight and bodyfat percentage (shudder).

No, really, I'm calling from Microsoft
We've been getting reports of unsolicited calls pretending to be "from" Microsoft and claiming that they have detected problems on your computer.  

In a word: BALONEY. 

I sometimes have a little fun torturing the callers.  Ask them where Microsoft is headquartered and see how fast they hang up.