Java Followup

Pardon the unusual frequency of these emails, but this is an unusual situation. The company that makes Java, Oracle, issued an update last night (ahead of schedule) that apparently fixes the giant, huge, gaping holes that so alarmed security experts. But the consensus seems to be that:
  • You probably don't need Java most of the time, if ever; and
  • If you do need it, your computer will prompt you to enable it.

So you can remove it completely, or just disable it. Clear and thorough instructions are here. (At least, I think they're clear and thorough, but I know we'll hear from you if you have questions!).

Last but not least:

  • Don't confuse Java (the issue) with JAVASCRIPT; they are two completely different products from different companies. Javascript is not the problem and you can leave it enabled.
  • If you find you do need Java for a legitimate website, BE SURE YOU HAVE THE LATEST VERSION. You can check your version here.