Taking New Yorkers for a Ride?

I'll start with the caveats: 
  1. We haven't tried this ourselves yet
  2. It's reputed to be more expensive than a yellow cab and some of the discount car services
  3. The promotion code gives you AND us a $10 credit, so there is an incentive for us (don't want anyone to feel snookered).  But you can do the same thing--if you like it, invite your friends and get credit. (PayPal did this very succesfully when they started, if anyone remembers that--I still recall how suspicious I was about getting $5 "free").

But when I saw the news online last night that Uber is offering New Yorkers a FREE ride this week and, given the post-Labor Day traffic and the weather, I thought it was worth alerting you ASAP.    Here's the word from Josh Mohrer, general manager of Uber NYC:

“We’re giving a free ride to every New Yorker,” Mr. Mohrer told Betabeat by email. “Starting tomorrow you’ll be able to request a taxi from the app, and the ride you take will be free, up to $25. After your ride is over, the taxi request option won’t be available for a week, because we want to give everyone a try.”

The basic idea is that you can use an app on your smartphone to summon a cab. My daughter has been using them in San Francisco and has been very happy with the service so far, but of course San Francisco is not New York.  They have different sizes and prices of cars--not inexpensive, but if it means I don't have to battle with everyone else trying to get a cab in the theater district on a rainy night, I'm willing to give it a try!

Here's the link to sign up (free) and get your (and our) $10 credit: